Top PC Remedies

by Luana .

Three laptops to lighten up your heavy-set computing partner.

Samsung Series 9

Often considered the pioneer of all ultra-books, the Samsung Series 9 still holds its ground. Super-slim at 0.58” thick, the laptop still sports a 13.3” or 15” screen. Striking looks aside, the Series 9 also performs to premium standards: It resumes almost instantly from sleep with fast startup speed – a feature much in demand. And it can boot up in as fast as 8.4 seconds. Featuring HD+ technology, the screen has an unmatched 170 degree viewing angle. Samsung’s PowerPlus charging technology and advanced Lithium-Polymer battery has a lifespan up to three times longer than a conventional battery, lasting up to nine hours on a single charge.

Sony Vaio T-Series

Light weight and portability needn’t mean that your PC has to be fragile. The T-Series laptop from Sony boasts a magnesium and aluminium casing, tough enough to ensure endurance while on the go. Performance wise, the T-Series Vaio is loaded with the latest technologies from Sony and Intel, both proven names in the industry – and synonymous with quality.

Available in 11.6-inch or 13.3-inch screen sizes, it is equipped with Ultra Low Voltage Intel Core processors and ultra-fast SSD flash drives. This feature ensures up to ten times faster file transfer than a standard hard disk drive. The new Rapid Wake technology makes sure you easily resume your VAIO T-Series from sleep mode even after 30 days. Notice the long battery life. Data security is ensured as well. Boost volume levels without distortion for crisp and clear web chats, video clips and games with Sony’s exclusive xLOUD and Clear Phase sound technologies.

HP Envy 14 – Spectre

With its unparalleled use of glass inside and out, Spectre defies conventional design. Though 20 millimeters thin and under four pounds, the computer remains both reasonably tough and scratch reistant. The battery is just as enduring with a 9.5 hour lifespan. Not only is the keyboard backlit, it lights up when you get near and dims down when you’re not. This isn’t the only sci-fi-like part of it though; they claim the 13.3” notebook fits a 14” display.

The intelligence of the Spectre spills over to all its peripherals as well. You can stream HD 1080P 3D content from the PC to your TV, as well as music from your device to multiple speakers, without the use of any wires at all. Even the mouse connects directly through WiFi and boasts six programmable buttons and touch scrolling. Cables are obsolete.